Stay All Day® Waterproof Balayage Brow


For Natural-Looking, Flawless Eyebrows!

This 2-in-1 tool allows you to easily shape, style and define brows and achieve amazing balayage-brow effects with a flawless, air-brushed finish that lasts from sunrise to moonlight.

How to Use

Use the 4-prong brow applicator to fill in and blend color into brows.

Use the precise brush-tip applicator to draw hair-like strokes.

Balayage Brow Model 1
Balayage Brow Model
Balayage Brow Model

Pro Tip

Balayage your brows using 2 shades to fill and define by painting strokes throughout your brow hairs. 

Use the lighter shade to lift and lighten, the darker shade to add depth and define. 

Model is wearing medium and dark.